Nursing Home Abuse Neglect
Nursing Home Abuse Neglect

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This is Anthony Candelori.  He used to film but went to spain with Bill Sands and got his camera stollen. He then had some crazy jobs and grew really crazy beards and id hear from him like once a month.  We started skatin alot like good old days untill he hit some rough times in his life and joined the army. He comes home for 30 days at a time prob like once orr twice a year. He is now in Afghanistan and should be home in about 3 months. This video below is from the last 30 days he was home. All filmed in that time. Went skating straight off the plane after being surrounded by only sand and mountains. 

Alex candelori is Anthonys younger brother. We grew up skating together. He was always really good. He quit skateboarding about 3 years ago. One day he wanted to skate for some reason and he couldnt find his board. so he went to zumies... and bought a 6 inch mini board cause it was on sale.  Made this video in the one day that he had it.. Now he hates me for no reason. the end

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